Converts and the Holidays: Maintaining the Ties of Kinship without Crossing Islamic Boundaries

Great article about Christmas memory from a Muslimah convert.


Written by Stephanie Siam

I remember as a kid sitting in my family’s living room:

memories memories

All the lights off, all the sounds off, watching the lights on the Christmas tree move through their rotation of red … to blue … to green … to white … with the decorations glistening in the electric glow. And then they rotated to off. And for a moment I held my breath, waiting for them to come back on, bringing me out of darkness, into a room of warmth and color.

I remember the first Christmas after I converted to Islam:

I was conflicted about what to do. I lived in the same city as a lot of my extended family. My immediate family was driving to Mobile for the holidays. There was a schedule of who to visit and where to go in the short time they were to be in town…

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