The collegians refused The government's policy. Photo credit :http://news.okezone.com/read/2012/03/12/340/591870/tolak-kenaikan-bbm-mahasiswa-nekat-bakar-diri
The collegians refused The government’s policy.
Photo credit :http://news.okezone.com/read/2012/03/12/340/591870/tolak-kenaikan-bbm-mahasiswa-nekat-bakar-diri

When the Indonesian people hoped a lot to their new government, in reality they received two bad policies from the government.

The new Indonesian government made policies;

  1. Raising the price of fuel oil.
  2. Empty the column of religion in the national identity card.

The public protested to these policies, but the government did not respond to the public voices well, they said we need a lot of funds to build this country. Finally, the minister of religion said, “Indonesia is not an atheist country. We have to fill in the column of religion with our religion.”

The recently case, was about the Minister of Education and Culture’s policy. Mr. Anies Baswedan made new rules about prayer methods in schools, that identic in certain religion. The public protested to that policy. The minister clarified, he wanted to begin and to end all the lesson by prayers. But, MUI ( Majelis Ulama Indonesia) reminded the government to not change lafadz Allah by God, because it will give meaning that all religions are same. They said, “Let the students pray according to their religion, not to force to pray according to one religion.”

By this case, public (Indonesian Muslims especially) do understand that Indonesian Muslims will receive any test the water. If Muslim not respond or just keep silence, the governments will realize their plans. The other way, if The Muslims respond quickly to all governments policies, the governments will clarify “these are only rumors.” Oh, the worst reason of reasons!

“This test is like to throw a stone to water, to know its waves. There is Thesis — Antithesis, Cause— Result,” said Mrs. Wirianingsih Mutammimul Ula over her twitter @Wirianingsih, on Tuesday (10/12/2014).

images (75)Tras Rustamaji (@rustamaji) an IT consultant, also has same opinions, he said;

  1. We can know the governments’ formula. They are making “Test The Water” to this Ummah.
  2. They will make any policies. If this ummah not respond to their policies, they will realize their plans soon. But, if they receive the response from Ummah, they will say “These are only rumors.”
  3. Last time, when Government tested this Ummah by their policy about “Enjoinment of Takbeer” this ummah did not respond at all, so they realized that policy.
  4. Do remember “Test The water” about their plan to change Muslim clothing to Betawi clothing, but the Ummah protested to that policy, and finally The Governor of Jakarta said, “It was a gossip, we don’t have plan like that.”
  5. If Ust. Yusuf Mansur did not speak up, the government would not give the bad reason like that.
  6. The last, The Indonesian Muslims should be ready to face the “Test The Water” in the 5 coming years .

Our governments have forbidden “Qurban and athan” in schools. They manage “khutbah” in many masjids. They made rules, Imam masjid should has a specific certificate and so on. These are same with their plans to erase a Religion Department. Firstly, they will throw the issue, then seeing the Ummah’s reaction. If there is no response from Ummah Islam, the governments will continue and realize the plans, but if there is hard response from Ummah Islam, they will say ,  “These are only rumors,” said @swadilagan.

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#Test The Water 1
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#Test The Water2


ومكروا  ومكر الله  والله خير  الماكرين  ال عمران  54

And the disbelievers planned but Allah planned. And Allah is the best planners.





  1. I’m not Muslim but a Christian. Here in the US we were set up on Judeo-Christian morals and are “free” but in some areas of the country you are expelled from school for bring a Bible or accused of being hateful just because you might not agree with someone else not to “free” if you ask me. The idea said by the minister that you all are not an Atheistic country is how I feel as an American. I don’t want to force anyone into faith because I don’t believe true faith is forced but the idea that there is no God is not the way to go either. But it does seen to be the tend. The Atheist I know think I’m ignorant, which I’m having to let go of my pride because I know the ONLY way they will think I’m not ignorant is to think the same way they do which will never happen. I believe in a Creator!! But in the bible all God has called me to do is love. Love Him and those around me. I can’t save anyone nor does God need me to defined Him. He has a plan and my part in it is to show His love to others. The bible tells me that people will know Him through the love and hope I show. I would rather be considered ignorant and loving than to push my faith on others and be considered hateful (that was kind of a rant… sorry… I just feel your pain by this idea that God does not exsist. If God does not govern who will??? MAN?? No thanks!!!)

    I hope you have a wonderful day friend!!

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    1. Thank you so much for your nice comment, Sister. I discussed about my country and The Indonesian government’s policies. I believe my God (Allah) as The Creator . I didn’t compare my country with others. These issues are really happened. Once again, thank you for everything. Have a great day for you, my friend! I appreciate your all minds. God bless you!

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