Hope is a power of life. It can make someone survive. S/he will face her/his life bravely, smart and excited. As long as s/he lives, s/he should keep the hope. Without it, someone is cadaverous. No hope, no goal, no life. Too sad!

I have a few stories of it. Base on my sister’s experience and mine.

My sister’s story:

Three years ago, when my sister  ( Riska Fitriawati) was the last grade in Vocational High School, she was selected to be representative of her school to follow the national competition in Jakarta, it was called “LKS Nasional.” In that competition, she also represented the province of West Java, in Post Harvest Technology. She and her friends from other schools tried to be the best in that competition.

I still remember, before going to Jakarta, she asked our duas, to be given the ease and the best result. We all prayed for her, and gave her high motivation. We said, “InshaÁllah, Allah will make it easy and give the best for you. Work hard, believe in Allah, pray to Allah and give the result to Him. You can, if you think you can! You’ll be the winner!”

“I don’t have PC to present my paper next.” Riska said sadly.

“Don’t worry, take mine, if you need other devices, let me know before you go.” I supported her. Firstly she went to Bandung, then continued her way with the other students to Jakarta, following the competition.

A few days after that, she came in the night. She was accompanied by her teachers. My parent has slept, but I heard her salam. I opened the door, she embraced me warmly, as she whispered ,  “I went on to become a champion, Alhamdulillah.”

“Really?!!” I was doubtful about her said.

“Yes, I did it, here is the certificate and my gold medal. Do you trust me?”

“Subhanallah, it’s really from Allah , Dear! He accepted our duas and your work. Alhamdulillah ya Allah.”

Besides these, she also received a new laptop from Mr. Aburizal Bakrie and some money. Finally, she got fellowship from Bakrie University. Alhamdulillah she could continue her study there freely. And now, she is the fifth grade. Allahu Akbar! Really…really such great blessing from Allah. My sister has to keep her university grade well. InshaÁllah, Allah will make her studies easy there. There is always hope.

Riska at BBC
Riska at Bogasari Baking Center, Jakarta


My story:

Two months ago, a day before my Dad dead, my friend blocked me on FB. Oh my God! I was so sad facing it. How could she did it to me? I, as her close friend. I didn’t understand her reason. She did it, because of my support of Palestine. I lost her contact. I promised to myself, I would never break my other friendships.

Friend list
My friends list on FB

One month later, I found her new account. But I was afraid to add her. I was worried if she is still mad at me. One day, I tried asking help to my other friend, for sending my salam. My friend said, “I’m trying explain that to her, she’s sad about your Dad. But, she’s afraid to re friend you, if she upset, she will unfriend again. Just pray to Allah, Sis! Believe in Him, there is always hope. I can’t force her, because she gets hurt easy.” I got it, and I decided, to wait her friend request, hopefully.

The first week of October, she sent me friend request. I didn’t believe it. Did she add me again? I saw her  profile first before I approved hers. I thought a few times, then I approved her request. I sent her , my salam. She replied directly. She said sorry to me. She promised, She will not break our relationship anymore. She really asked sorry to me. I said, “I have forgiven you, since you blocked me.”

Alhamdulillah, we’re friend again. Anyhow I have many….many wonderful friends, I’ll be making a lot of friendships, more and more. InshaÁllah.  My friend who helped me in this case ever said to me, “There is always hope.” She was right.

Allah has said in surah Al-Hijr verse : 56,

“Who would despair of the mercy of his Lord,” He answered, “but those who go astray.”


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