You are my sun
light up my days.
You are my moon
light up my night.
You are my sky
my protector.
You are my earth
accompany my path.
O … my love!

You are my fire
my encouragement.
You are like the rain
put out my anger.
You are the rhythm
of my life
reconcile my soul.
O…my love!

I’m blessed to have you,
I love to play with you,
I’m happy to hug you.
My love,
six years we count the days
six years we spell out the meaning of life
we greet the world
and paint our lives together.

My love!
I always pray for you
بارك الله في عمرك
بارك الله في رزقك
بارك الله في علومك
وبارك الله في كل حياتك
امين اللهم امين

I ❤ U, my son!

My Little Prince.

Please share your minds with me! Thank you!

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