الحمدلله I’m so blessed with wonderful friendships. I dedicate this plain post to all of you, my lovely friends.

There are many unique stories about my beautiful friendships. السلام عليكم my friends! Do you still remember how I got you as my amazing friends/sisters?


Allah say in القرأن الكريم   Al- Hujuraat verse 13:


The meaning: O men, we created you from a male and female, and formed you into nations and tribes that you may recognize each other. He who has more integrity has indeed greater honour with God. Surely God is all-knowing and well-informed. (13)

I’ll tell you how I found you all.

1.On local website.

First time, I found my first friend from abroad through a local site. She is a muslimah convert from USA. I like reading on online magazine, and “Muállaf / Muslim Convert stories”  is one of my favorite readings.  سبحان الله, Allah guides them to Islam beautifully. I was so glad, that Islam spread out all over the word. الله اكبر

Guess! What I did then?

Firstly, I searched her name on FB. I checked her name and her picture. After that, I sent her a friend request, and waited for her approval. After waiting several weeks, she approved my request, Alhamdulillah, time by time, I got other friends from her list of friends. Subhanallah, such beautiful ways of finding friends.

2.On WordPress.

“Blogging is Fun!” said my close friend [The author of Islamwich]. She guided me about blogging in the first time. She also taught me English. I don’t know how I can repay her help. Only beautiful duás for her. She was my first blog follower. I used to ask her; ”Sis, I just made my blog, but I dunno, what I have to write on it. Where do I get the ideas?” She answered, “MahsaAllah! You could totally start a blog. What do you like to do? What are you good at. That is what you should write about. If you are a good cook, share your recipes. If you like to make crafts, show people how to. It is so much fun blogging but it is a lot of work too. Blogging is fun but yes, at first it can be a lot of work. Have fun with it.”

Another time, I said to her,” Some bloggers followed my blog. I’m so shy, because I only have one article. LOL” Then she gave me some beautiful advice, “Don’t be shy about your blog. I had a follower even before I wrote my first article, I was so mortified. You will get used to it and then you will get addicted to it.”

In the beginning, I posted a few posts in Bahasa Indonesia. But, I soon realized that I could share my blog posts all over the world with English. I mastered myself to write using English. I know my English isn’t good, therefore I often ask my friends to help; editing my writings, teaching me grammar and accompanying me in practicing my speaking. سبحا ن الله, with blogging, I have  many  wonderful friends.

Indeed, and I got beautiful spirits from you my great sisters:

The first step is setting a goal then figuring out how to attain it. You have done both, now the rest is easy. Just stick with it. MashaAllah we are all cheering for you!!

“…………..May Allah (SWT) grant your Dad the highest place in Jannah, inshaAllah. May Allah (SWT) grant you Sabr, inshaAllah.


Such beautiful memories. You will always have the memories, no one can ever take those away from you. Duas are with you. Continue to stay Positive and make Dua for your Dad, inshaAllah. Your Dad has left this Dunya, but his Eternal life is now beginning. May Allah (SWT) have Mercy upon us all. To Allah we belong and to Allah we shall return.

I am sure you will continue to do your Dad proud!

Wow…….Very beautiful post sister, JazakiLlah khoiran ❤ 🙂

May your dream be recognized, and may you get ajar for it. Aameen.
Always here for you, Fatma baji:)
I like this spiral of habits, by the way. I need to follow it too. I find that I lack commitment. I can’t be consistent in any habit. That’s sad, I know :/
Share some of your favorite parts from the book, maybe? Or… an even better idea. You could write a book review!

Masha’Allah, don’t give up. You will prevail insha’Allah, amin :)! Houb salam sister.

ما شاء الله keep going. Well done

Yes… have great ideas and clear discussion. I see the grammar issue, and it is more in sentence structure (order of words)….but it does NOT stop me from understanding what you’re saying. As a native speaker, I can get the meaning of your entire article.

Masha’Allah sister, you are doing a fantastic job! keep up the excellent work, may Allah bless you and your family

I love your blog sister mashAllah!! So deep and touching! And your english is perfect!! Keep it up! 🙂


3.On Facebook

We know, Facebook is one of the most famous social media, that can give us many friends from other countries. In that time I used it to find my school mates. الحمدلله I could find them here, and connected the ukhuwah. I also connected with my friends from wordpress. Such blessing to have you all here. Anyhow we’ve never met each other before, but I felt my heart  was so close to you all.

I still use Facebook to find my friends. May Allah shower His mercy and blessing upon us. أمين.

Besides these, Alhamdulillah I also got my beautiful friends from Yahoo, Google+, My English Club, Lang-8, and Skype.

Islam has taught us about Ukhuwah. There are many verses in Qurán Kareem, and in hadith.

hadith of friendship

Someone isn’t called a believer, till he/she love his/her brothers/ sisters as he/she loves himself /herself.

 A beautiful quote about friendship

true friendship


When I did the mistakes

you came to me

corrected me

guided me to the straight path.

When I did the right thing

You were cheering me

accompanied me

defended me

and strengthen my heart.

ما شاء الله


 * Edited by: Moniba. Shukriya dear Niksa! You’re one of my amazing friends. الله rewards your all kindness, إن شا ء الله


    1. جزاك الله كثيرا my sister. I’ll keep this ukhuwah. أمين I hope so, Sis. I just can do it to express my great thankful to all my sisters/ fellow bloggers. You’re right, Blogging is Fun, and through it, I got my wonderful friends. I need several years to be an expert in English writing.

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  1. MashaAllah sis really your story and how you found your friend is very interesting ..subhanAllah I felt comfortable although I haven’t know you before .. may Allah bless you ..
    your friend .Marwah

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    1. جزاك الله خيرا. يا أختي مروة
      I thought that you are also a nice friend / sister.
      The same be for you, my dear sis! 💖
      This post is as my way to be thankful to my friends.
      اشكر الله كثيرا بهذه النعمة


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