5 years ago, October 16th,2008,my son was born.


My first words when my baby was born were.

“Alhamdulillah, welcome to this world My Loving Baby! Your big family and I are so blessed to have you. Alhamdulillah you’re a great reward from Allah.”

I was a working woman and very busy  before that. I was a teacher in Ad-Da’wah Islamic School. I only had six months at home caring for my baby when the headmaster of that school asked me back. I accepted this request. I left my baby about four years, I mean I only had a little time to accompany him.  Really I was uncomfortable with this situation. Four years, my boy spent his golden age with his grandma. Then, when he was 4, he complained of my job. I knew he needed me as his mom. Finally I decided to leave my job. I thought, my son was more important than my job.  I could find always find another job, working online at home.

It has been nearly 2 years since I have stayed home with my boy. I gave almost all my time for him. I was sure it was his right. I had to guide him to know his Creator [Allah The Almighty ] and his deen as well. I thought then I also had to make schedules for us. My days are almost all for him, and my nights I used for exploring my English skills.


My little prince is five. I wish I’d been there for him. I don’t want to leave him anymore. I’ll do the best for him, to guide him, to educate him and to improve his talents. Those are my great responsibilities. I really understand he grows fast….faster…fastest. Before it’s late, I promise, I’ll be a witness of his childhood. It’ll be a great experience for me, hopefully. And I’m enjoying this moment, truly. Playing together, learning at outside ie; at the rice field, at the river, at the masjid, and the other places are really FUN. I can know what he needs, what his talents are, what his interests are and a lot of things.


One year later, insha’Allah he will start his studies at Islamic Elementary School for six years, and after that he’ll enters into a new phase. Yes, he’ll be an adolescent. I completely understand that CHILDHOOD IS SHORT, therefore I’ll do and give my best for my loving son.


“My son, I hope Allah will guide you to his right way [loving Islam] forever, ameen.”

My loving son
Syadad Abdul Hakim Al Anshori (Kaka)



8 thoughts on “ACHILDHOOD IS SHORT”

    1. Yes, Sister. that’s totally right. I soon realized about it. I’ll enjoy all the moments, insha’Allah. Jazakillah khoirul jaza for your great dua, my sister. I hope to you too. ❤


  1. May Allah bless him..
    I do understand how fast kids grow. My nephew is five years old too, and I’ve been with him throughout his childhood, I’ve noticed how much he has already changed. He’s no more a little kid, he’s already mature, already grown up. And I miss his silly antics. But change is growth, and growth is progress. This is the age mothers have to be with their children most, have to train them best as they can. I pray Allah allows you to fulfill your duty in the best way, insha’Allah!

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  2. Thank you Sis Moniba for the correction, yes, that’s right ” Choose—> Chose—> Chosen
    Well I’ll edit my wrong word. Really I ❤ your correction. Thanks a lot for your comments and correction. 😉

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