I watched the news about Gaza, almost everyday  and so did My son. He liked news program on Televisions. Indonesian channels and Al manar channel. He asked me everything about Gaza. He was very enthusiastic to know it. And the title above was one of his questions.

Who is the killer, Mom? Palestine or Israel? Are all Palestinians muslim? Why did Israel attack Palestine? What should we do then?

Really, I couldn’t  answer his questions directly. I thaught hard for a moment finding a good way to explain that issue. I took my notebook, then played a video of Gaza, it was about The Children of Palestine.

“ Look at this video, Son! ”


Kaka soon watched it enthusiastic. But, it was not long before, he talked to me.

“ See them, Mom! How adorable they are! I’d be fun to play with them. Do they playing like me, Mom? Riding a bicycle, going to the river and everywhere?”

He was so right, they were so adorable, Masha’Allah.

“ I’m sorry, Dear, I don’t know exactly, it seems to me that they’re so hard enjoying their childhood. I can’t  imagine about it. But, I salute of them. They’re braves children. They don’t afraid of Israel soldiers. They ever counterattack Israel with the stones.”

I took a deep breath. Then gave him advise.

“ You’re so lucky, Son. Here, in our country, you can play and do everything nicely. You can establish prayers and read quran at Masjid freely. Alhamdulillah. They can’t do these, these children and a lot of Palestinians can’t establish prayers at Al Aqsho. That we know, Al Aqsho is their Masjid.”

“ How pity they are!” Kaka responded it sadly. He stared at me, “ Why did Israel attack Palestine?”

I looked at him, “ Someday you’ll know about it, My dear!”

“ What can we do for my friends there?”

“ My Son, if you wish, you can pray for them in your prayers.”

“ How?” Kaka wanted to know it’s way.

“ You can pray to Allah with your own words, O ..Allah, keep the Palestinians and help them. It’s enough for you, to pray for them.”

“ Okay, I’ll do. It’s so easy.” Kaka responded my explanation.

“ Do you still remember about Surah Al Fill ? It tells about Abrahah and his soldiers who wanted destruction Kabah.”

“ Oh yes, and The Ababils destroyed Abrahah and his soldiers, right Mom?” He answered surely, and smiled widely.

“ That’s true. We should believe in Allah. He is the Almighty. If Allah will, it’s very…very easy for Him to make Israel as Abrahah and his soldiers. Just send them The Ababils or the other of Allah’s troops. Do you believe it?”

“ Yes, Mom. I do.”

“ Allah knows the best for Palestine. Do keep them in your prayers, Son!” Finally I asked him to pray for Palestine.

Insha’Allah, Allah will helps  them ( The Palestinians ) and accepts their struggles.

Allah says in surah Lukman verse 18;

luqman 18

” And do not turn your cheek [ in contempt ] toward people and do not walk trough the earth exultantly. Indeed, Allah does not like everyone self- deluded and boastful.” 


    1. Insha’Allah, My sis. It’s from Allah, and thank you for your dua. To your children too. I felt like that too, my son so liked the video. Ameen, ya Rabb. Insha’Allah, Allah will help them.


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