This story about my son, who wants make this Ramadan as his first Ramadan. He has plan for fasting in this Holy month.

One week before Ramadan, Kaka ( My son ) talked to me.

“ Mom, I want fasting in this Ramadan, may I ?”

I smiled widely, “ Of course you may, My son. But, remember don’t  force yourself, if you feel hungry , please eat, and if you feel thirsty , you can drink. You may break your fasting, Dear. You’re still young, and Allah doesn’t ask you to fasting in your age. Deal?”

“ Okay, Mom.”

In one night, in the first Ramadan, before we went to bed, Kaka reminded me to wake him up in the sahur time. I agreed with that. Guess!! What happened with him? He couldn’t wake up in that time, he answered while sleeping, “ I’m soo sleepy, Mom.” I laughed to see that. That’s okay My son. Maybe next days.

The second day, Kaka asked me again to wake him up for sahur. Alhamdulillah, he woke up easily.

“ Mom, I’ll fasting till maghrib”, Kaka said to me proudly.

“ Really? That’s good!! But, remember you may break your fasting, if you can’t.” I gave him advice.

“ Alright, you can see me, Mom.”

Finally, I agreed his request.


            Before dzuhur, I asked him to assured his health.

“ Do you feel hungry, Dear?”

“ No !” Kaka answered shortly.

“ Thirsty ?”

“ No !”

“ Are you sure, you can fasting till maghrib?” I asked again.

“ Yes, Mom. I can, trust me !”

Actually I was worried with his health. He was recovering from his illness. He was ill for past few days before Ramadan. His grand mother , when knew about it, asked me to seduce my son for breaking his fasting. My Mom said, “ I believe in your son, he is a good boy, he will obeys your order. He will obeys Islam rule, he loves Islam. I think it’s better for him to practice fasting in next week. Please asked him to break his fasting. I’m worried with his health. He is still 5. Don’t force him to do it.  !”

“ Thank you, Mom. I’ll do it. I don’t ask him to fasting this year. It’s his desire. He has planned about fasting one week before Ramadan.” I tried to explain it to my mom.

“ You should do it. I don’t want he gets ill again. Or, Kaka can fasting in the next week, please check his health first !” My mom asked me to persuade my son. Yes, she right about it. I completely understand with her mind, but how with Kaka?  He really wanted it, he always said, that he liked sahur and ifhtar moments. So, he wanted fasting ( shaum ) like us. Yeah, I had to seduce him, canceling his fasting that day.

We have agreed before, this Ramadan will becomes his first Ramadan. It was mean, he will fasting like the other muslim. Insha’Allah I’d help him to realize his dream. May Allah gives him the strength for fasting. Amiin Yaa Robbal ‘Alamiin.





    1. Ameen yaa Mujiiba addua! Jazakillah ahsanul jazaa yaa ukhti. Alhamdulillah, it’s hidayah from Allah for our kids, insha’Allah. All kindness for your daughter too. May Allah always guide our kids to His right path. Ameen!


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