Why I Refuse To Discuss My Child’s Grades

Really..really agree with it. Our prophet Muhammad ( PBUH ) was delegated to this world for perfecting the character/ manner.

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With this school year coming to an end, I’am reminding parents not to focus too much on their children’s end of the year results. Yes, you may be proud of the fact that your children got straight-A’s, or you might be upset that they got all C’s, but please don’t let their grades define who your children really are. After all, in my opinion, grades (although important) are a small part of their identity.

This year, sit down with your children and ask them how many fellow students they helped throughout the school year. Ask your children if they played with the new student in class because they noticed he or she was lonely. Ask your children if they stopped anyone from from bullying. Ask your children if they used their manners towards fellow classmates and their teacher. Ask your children if they noticed a student who forgot his or…

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4 thoughts on “Why I Refuse To Discuss My Child’s Grades”

  1. Excellent! I was a terrible student in lower grades. This made me feel like I was a bad kid when I was really a caring, kind and creative kid. I made up for it is college and did very well, graduated with honors. But you are so right in this post, we shouldn’t focus so much on grades while important there are other thing that are important as well. 😀

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    1. Yes, so do I. I absolutely agree with this post. When I was a teacher, there were many parents so focus on grades. They were very happy, if their kids had good mark in their lesson, especially in Math,Science and English. But, now I know, it’s not so important in this life, the good manner is very important than grade. Btw, I don’t believe if you were a terrible student. Because I know you as a smart person, Sis Corbin!


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